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It is important that Cambridge Who's Who members and the public understand that we are listening, reading and responding to their concerns. This website addresses the various misconceptions about our company. Please feel free to contact us with your questions and comments.
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Q&A - Business Practices


Blog/Forum Post: I told her to call me back. This will give me a chance to look over my finances.*
1. Question Defined: Is this the only time that I will be offered inclusion in the Cambridge Who's Who Registry?
Cambridge Who's Who Response: There are no guarantees that you will be selected again, however Cambridge provides each prospective member with an account director who will make sure that s/he can provide the best possible options available to each perspective member.

Blog/ Forum Post: I never make financial decisions over the phone, especially when I don't have documentation of the offer and benefits. I asked if something could be mailed or if there was a link on the website.*
2. Question Defined: Can I receive a fax or email regarding my membership program and the fees associated with it?
Cambridge Who's Who Response: A representative must first conduct an interview with you to complete your profile for inclusion in the Cambridge Who's Who Registry. When you are invited to join Cambridge Who's Who, our representative will review the various options available to you as a new member. Once you have selected the membership program that best meets your needs, upon request your account director will be more than happy to fax or email a statement once payment has been submitted. Of course all new members will receive a formal paid statement in their welcome package after they sign up for membership.

Blog/ Forum Post: If you are a phone solicitor, does this mean the book is often used as a source of names, addresses and phone numbers?*
3. Question Defined: Why aren’t phone numbers typically listed in Cambridge Who's Who biographical profiles?
Cambridge Who's Who Response: All information that appears in the registry is pre-approved by members. Phone numbers are typically not published in the hardcover registry, CD-ROM or website. Cambridge Who's Who only publishes phone numbers upon request. We have found that our members typically prefer email as the means of initial contact when they are networking.

Blog/ Forum Post: Are they collecting my information to sell to other companies?*
4. Question Defined: Does Cambridge Who's Who sell my contact information?
Cambridge Who's Who Response: Cambridge Who's Who does not sell, barter or otherwise give away or disseminate your personal information to third parties. Please view our privacy policy for additional information.

Blog/ Forum Post: I noticed an error on one of their biographies….*
5. Question Defined: Is Cambridge Who's Who responsible for facts and accuracy of all information submitted by members?
Cambridge Who's Who Response: Cambridge makes every effort to maintain the integrity of the data, which is obtained primarily from members who respond to Cambridge by completing an application form. However, Cambridge not warrant the veracity, accuracy and/or truthfulness of this data, and hereby disclaims any and all liability for any shortcomings, false information, errors or inaccuracies included on the Databases, whether due to error(s) and/or omission(s) attributable to Cambridge and its agents or third parties.

*Note: Some information included on this site has been taken from its original context and may be summarized for brevity and clarity purposes.

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