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It is important that Cambridge Who's Who members and the public understand that we are listening, reading and responding to their concerns. This website addresses the various misconceptions about our company. Please feel free to contact us with your questions and comments.
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Erica Lee, COO
Cambridge Who's Who
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September 2011

Dear Cambridge Who's Who Members and Candidates:

We at Cambridge Who's Who are aware of the information published about us online and
have a team in place to review every single comment made both positive and unfavorable
and are working to address every issue or concern raised by members and non-members
alike. We have put in place an entire customer service department, improved our business
practices and are increasing our web presence, product offerings, strategic partnerships
and our overall transparency to earn the trust of our members and strengthen the integrity
of our business.

It is our belief that over the years the “Who's Who” business has been unfairly deemed as
simply vanity publishing. Cambridge Who's Who is working to redefine the term and set
itself apart from a number of the smaller companies in this business that do not stand
behind their products and their commitment to service. Over the next few months, we are
going to be engaging our members in focus groups, sending out membership surveys and
creating newsletters to disseminate more information to them. We value our members,
their ideas and thoughts and will utilize their comments to ensure that Cambridge Who's
Who improves the reputation of the industry as a whole.

It is important that our members and the public understand that we are listening, reading
and responding proactively to their concerns. We appreciate your taking the time out to
contact us, should you have any further questions or concerns.

Thank you for reviewing the information listed on this website. We hope that you gain a
better understanding of our company, our business practices and our values.


Erica N. Lee

Erica N. Lee
Chief Operating Officer
Cambridge Who's Who
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